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Ballast Virtual Reality by Floatz

Ballast combines the weightlessness of being in water with the immersion of

Virtual Reality, resulting in an unprecedented full-body sensory experience.

Our patent-pending technology transforms any pool into a fantastic adventure

where anyone can go flying, deep sea diving or on a space walk. Book our DIVR experience for your next party or corprate event. 

What's Included:

  • 3 Individual Headsets

  • 3 Different & Unique Experiences

  • Lifeguard in Water w/ Participants


$300 Minimum 2 Hours

$45 / Half Hour After

Need to Know

These party's are to be held on property at the lagoon. Additional cost may incur for lagoon space rental and admission. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST KNOW HOW TO SWIM. For interest in bringing the party to you, click here. For booking inquiries and additional questions, please contact us at 813-367-7631 or email us at 

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