Floatz is pleased to offer you a swim experience like no other. With our experienced instructional team combined with the beautiful Crystal Lagoon, Floatz is truly the perfect setting for your swim training. See the different options below and decide what's best for you or your child. 

Parent Participation

For participants ages 6 months - 36 months. The parent or guardian will accompany the child into the water where the adult will learn to keep their children safe in, on and around water. The class ratio is 1 instructor to 10 families.


For participants ages 3-5 years old. There are three skill levels within in the preschool level ranging from non-swimmer to doggie paddling. Each child will be skills tested the first day and placed accordingly.

Youth Beginner

For participants ages 5-12 years old. There are three youth beginner skill levels ranging from non-swimmers to floating and basic front and back stroke formation. The children will be skills tested the first day for placement. The class ratio is 1-Instructor to 8 children.

Cost & Schedule

Group Swim Lessons 

$150 for 6 lessons ( 45 minutes each ) per participant

Private Swim Lessons

$50/ lesson ( 45 minutes ) per participant

These lessons are to be held on property at the lagoon. For interest in private swim lessons off location, click here. For booking inquiries and additional questions, please contact us at 813-367-7631 or email us at info@floatzfl.com.