Try Mermaid  $30

Ever wondered what it would be like to to be a mermaid or merman? With our Try Mermaid course you will be introduced to the mer-mazing world of mermaids and mermen where you will learn you to swim with a mermaid monofin! This entry level mermaid course will earn you the SSI Try Mermaid recognition certification and is a fun and fin-tastic way to experience the world of mermaiding. The course includes the use of a mermaid monofin and tail skin.
  Requirements: minimum 6 yrs, basic swimming skills and comfortable in the water
  Duration: 30 mins

Mermaid Certification  

If you have done a little mermaiding before or have successfully completed our Try Mermaid course then take the next step and get your SSI Mermaid Certification. That's right, you can become a certified mermaid or merman! This course is a more intensive version of the Try Mermaid course that can be completed in one day with 3 pool sessions or over the course of 3 days. No previous diving experience or mermaid-ing experience is necessary to join this course. Once completed you can show off that you are REAL mermaid with your SSI Mermaid Certification Card! The course includes the use of a mermaid monofin and tail skin
     Requirements: Minimum age 12​ and able to swim a minimum distance of 40m without any swim aids (no time limit)
     Duration:  4 hrs


Ocean Mermaid


Do you need a little more space to flip your fin and are now ready to swim amongst the fishes? By taking the SSI Ocean Mermaid course you'll move from confined water into an open water environment where you'll get to do just that. This Mermaid course upgrade will teach you the skills and techniques needed to maximize your mermaid experience, increase your comfort in the water and get the most out of your equipment. Our trained SSI Mermaid instructor will
 take you into crystal clear open water to give you the chance to stretch your fins and teach you how to safely interact with marine life, all whilst earning a new certification card, the SSI Ocean Mermaid certification! This course can be completed as a 3.5-day full course or as a 1-day upgrade from the SSI Mermaid course and includes the use of a mermaid monofin and tail skin.
 Requirements: Minimum age 12 and completion of the pool/confined water portion of the Mermaid Certification Course
     Duration: 6 hrs

Model Mermaid


  Have you been trying to find the perfect pic for your Instagram, Facebook or other social media page that is uniquely different? Then the SSI Model Mermaid course is the ultimate mermaid experience for you! During this course, you will learn the basics of modelling, both above and under the water! In addition to being able to use our beautiful mermaid tails, this course also includes use of our gorgeous mermaid accessories and crowns. You’ll feel like a mermaid queen (or merman king!) as our experienced instructor walks you through everything you need to know to get that perfect Instagram-worthy picture of you as a mermaid. This course can either be done in the pool or in the ocean depending on your certification level. The course includes the use of a mermaid monofin and tail skin, two in-water sessions (either two pool OR one pool and one open water session) and two edited photos (one land, one underwater).
     Requirements: Minimum age 12​ and completion of Mermaid or Ocean Mermaid.
     Duration: 6 hrs

Mermaid Water Aerobics Course

 Our mermaid water aerobics program is a fun and fin-tastic way to get in and stay in shape! We will begin by getting fin and tail skin ready on land with some yoga inspired Sun Salutation stretches, one of the best ways to get limbered up and ready to hit the water. So don't for get to bring a mat or large towel. In shallow and deep water, with the use of swim noodles or other flotation devices, we will do several exercises working the entire body. You're gonna feel it the next day so come back each week and keep your body mer-fit! If you aren't keen on wearing a tail skin, you can participate with just the monofin and get the same benefits and mer-fitness! This course includes the use of monofin, tail skin and flotation devices.
Requirements: Minimum age 6 and completion of Try Mermaid course or equivalent experience.
     Duration: 1 hr